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20 simple lifestyle tips that could help you live a better life

While financial planning is the theme of most of the newsletter articles you’ll read here, I think it’s also important to reflect on what’s important to you in your wider life.

So, in a change from the usual articles relating to managing your money, I’ve set out 20 different lifestyle tips and suggestions that I hope you’ll find useful.

There’s no overarching theme to the first 15, as I have deliberately tried to make them as random and varied as possible. So, they cover a range of diverse subjects such as eating, sleeping, and watching sport.

However, as your finances are so integral to the rest of your life and wellbeing, the final five are all about aspects of financial planning and managing your money.

  1. The amount of food you are served is usually arbitrary and is someone else’s idea of a portion rather than your own. The best way to manage how much you eat is to stop eating when you’ve had enough, regardless of what’s left on your plate.
  2. If you need to make a journey and it’s anything less than a mile, or perhaps a 30-minute walk, then do it on foot. As well as the obvious health benefits, it’s also good for the environment and your mental wellbeing.
  3. Make use of a double handshake, meaning you shake hands with your right hand, while clasping their hand with your left. You can use this to reinforce how pleased you are to meet someone, or console them if it’s a sad occasion. But don’t overdo it.
  4. Set aside some time for yourself each morning and evening and guard that time, even if it’s just 10 or 15 minutes. Empty your mind and relax. If you work from home, use this time to create a demarcation between your work and domestic life.
  5. Sleep is important for your health and wellbeing, so it can pay dividends to invest in it. Make sure your bedroom is the right temperature and you have a quality mattress that suits your needs. Then take steps towards a decent night’s sleep, so don’t eat or drink too soon before going to sleep and turn screens off when you get into bed.
  6. Use lists to help you manage your day, and life. Setting out what you want to do each day can help you manage your time, and help you prioritise what’s important.
  7. The shortest, most simple, and most important tip of all: Tell your partner you love them every day.
  8. Make full use of the call-screening facility on your phone so you only talk to people when you want to talk to them. Divert calls to your voicemail if you want to. If something is urgent, the caller can leave a message.
  9. Treat victory and defeat the same. Karma can have a habit of coming back to haunt you, so be magnanimous when you, or the team you are supporting, win and congratulate others when you’re on the losing side.
  10. If you’re paying to eat a meal in a restaurant, you’ve every right to expect to get what you order. Don’t be squeamish about complaining, and don’t be afraid to send food back if it’s not what you expect. But, at the same time, be sure to compliment good food and service, and tip appropriately.
  11. If you’re feeling tired, don’t even think about getting behind the wheel. A taxi will always cost less than any car repairs, and the inconvenience of having to collect your car is dwarfed by that of a potential serious injury.
  12. Get a pet if it’s at all possible, especially if you have children. But be sure to choose carefully after reflecting on the time and space you have available. Your whole family needs to commit the time, particularly if you choose a dog, but the effort will be repaid greatly.
  13. “Classic” books are described as such for a reason, so set aside some time to give one or two a try. Find a quiet room, and switch off your phone so you aren’t interrupted. To add value to your reading and increase your appreciation, research the background of the book and the author.
  14. Listen to The Beatles! It’s hard to overstate the effect they had on music specifically, and popular culture more generally. There’s a reason why they’re considered to be the greatest band ever, and you’ll find it on their albums and singles.
  15. If you like watching sport, make an effort to watch local teams, even if it’s only once in a while. If you can tie this in with point 2, all the better. All sports need their grassroots, so you’ll be nurturing something you appreciate, and hopefully enjoying a decent match.

The final five tips are finance-related and can be applied at any time to the way you manage your money:

  1. You can’t beat investment markets, so don’t even try. The key to investing is often more about the length of time your money is invested, rather than when you buy or sell a certain fund or share.
  2. Always have an emergency fund set aside. You may think that’s obvious, but I’m surprised at the number of people I meet who haven’t. As a rule of thumb, your fund should be between three- and six-months household expenditure.
  3. Reducing debt not only improves your mental health and credit rating, but it also creates extra disposable income each month. So, give yourself a pay rise by clearing that credit card.
  4. Successful people leave tracks for you to follow. There’s a reason why I’ve previously written articles about Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger, and what you can learn from their wise words.
  5. If you are serious about saving for your future, make sure you pay your “future self” first each month, by making paying into your pension and long-term savings two of your top financial priorities.

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