Financial planner, dad, fitness fanatic

The financial planner

I am a Financial Planner by trade, helping professionals, who wish to build their wealth, as well as those approaching retirement. My clients vary from those working in the City, to those that work remotely from home.

There are many different reasons why people contact me for financial advice. And while every solution I recommend is crafted for each individual, I will always provide clarity through coaching, listening and asking the right questions.

I believe completely and utterly in the benefits that true bespoke financial planning brings to every single one of my clients.

That starts by helping the people I work with understand what’s really important to them and then how they can build a plan to spend their money on just that.

I also know that while most of my clients are at the peak of their earning powers; the demands placed on them are great and probably unsustainable.

That means a financial plan is crucial to take advantage of their earnings, while plotting a course to a time when a better balance can be achieved.

This is a blog to help professionals understand more about the financial issues which will affect them now and in the future. My aim is that it will inspire you, not tell you exactly what to do in your life!

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The husband & father

I’m 40 and live in Orpington, Kent with my wife Cathy, son Maxwell and daughter Ci Ci.

I work out of the Foster Denovo offices in both the City and Bromley, Kent. The majority of my clients are based in and around the City and Canary Wharf. For those that prefer it, I’m more than happy to carry out meetings remotely via Zoom or Teams.

I pride myself in leading an ultra-active personal life as a qualified personal trainer, and you will find me regularly open water swimming, cycling and running; and sometimes all three back-to-back in a triathlon!

My ‘bucket list’ includes fluently learning another language, playing a ‘respectable’ round of golf and swimming the channel!