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6 simple activities that you don’t need to be a multi-millionaire to enjoy

Financial planning is very much about growing your wealth and ensuring you have a plan in place to secure your financial future.

Of course, there will always be an element of your lifestyle of choice being dictated by your wealth.

For example, extensive overseas travel, a large house, and an expensive car are not luxuries that everyone can afford.

That’s why a key part of your financial plan will be your attitude to money in terms of how you think about it and how much you spend.

I’ve written previously about why evaluating your wealth is more than just about money and how appreciating this can be a big contributory factor to your future wellbeing and happiness.

But there are many things you can do, and enjoy doing, that aren’t dependent on how wealthy you are or how much you earn.

To paraphrase an old expression, “life’s what you make it, not what you make”. The idea of being able to enjoy what you have right now – or what you can enjoy for less – can be highly rewarding.

To give you an idea of why the value of your assets doesn’t have to dictate how happy you are, read someone for six simple things that you don’t have to be a billionaire, or even a multi-millionaire, to enjoy.

1. Revisiting things you used to enjoy

There are likely to be many things you already do simply because they give you a sense of enjoyment. Even if you reach the situation where money becomes no object, why change your habits and lifestyle, simply because you can afford to?

Indeed, by searching for an elusive “better experience”, you may well be in danger of going down a rabbit hole of seeking something better, only to find it’s not better at all.

Instead, you may even find that you get more satisfaction from revisiting previous things you’ve done that you enjoyed enormously.

For example, if you enjoy eating out, maybe go back to a local restaurant you used to frequent, rather than lashing out on an expensive Michelin-starred one. After all, spending five times more on something doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll necessarily enjoy it five times as much.

While there’s clearly nothing wrong with seeking new experiences, it can often be just as rewarding to look back.

2. Listening to music

The availability of low-cost music apps such as Spotify, provides you with easy and cheap access to all the music you could ever wish to hear, whenever you want to hear it.

At your fingertips, you can listen to anything you want, from old favourites to new artists and genres you have never experienced before.

You can do so at home on your own, with friends and family, or when you’re out and about.

While it is possible to pay thousands of pounds for a top-of-the-range music system, advances in digital technology now mean that you have to be an absolute music expert with a well-trained ear to appreciate the difference in terms of audio quality.

3. Reading a good book

However you read a book, the words are the same regardless of the format. You don’t get to read a better or exclusive version just because you have a lot of money.

The same applies to magazines and newspaper articles. Some may be hidden behind a paywall, but the cost is likely to be minimal and can actually create a handy filter to ensure you only pay for what you need and really want.

Reading brings an enormous range of pleasures, from simple entertainment to challenging your mind and allowing you to escape to another world.

In fact, very few things in life can beat the enjoyment of being so heavily invested in a good book that you don’t want to put it down.

4. Making the most of the internet

The internet has become so much a part of our day-to-day lives that it’s easy to take it for granted.

It provides you with easy access to a wealth of information and entertainment, literally at the touch of a button.

Even the most expensive computer systems and the fastest servers still only give you access to the same content as you get with a cheap and efficient laptop and a decent Wi-Fi connection.

Billionaires may own the search engines you use, and the social networking sites you may make good use of, but they still read the same online content as the rest of us.

5. Enjoying the range of benefits you get from walking

The benefits of walking regularly are well known. As well as the mental boost and the peace of mind you get from being outside in the open air, there are the health benefits that come with regular exercise.

The scenery around you is always changing and it’s often the case that you see more of what’s around you if you’re on foot. This is especially true if you are walking somewhere you have never been before, such as in a different town or city.

Furthermore, beyond the cost of a decent pair of walking boots, the financial outlay required is minimal.

However vast your wealth, you are still walking the same paths and tracks and enjoying the same scenery.

While I presume the very wealthy can cordon off parts of the countryside to create their own exclusive walking routes, one of the great understated features of walking is its egalitarian nature, mixing people with different outlooks and backgrounds in a shared love of the great outdoors.

6. Harnessing the power of your mind

Emptying your mind of clutter can help improve your quality of life, reduce your stress levels, and help you focus on what is important to you.

With the clutter removed, you’ll create an empty mental canvas that can help you better manage your life and your personal wellbeing.

There are simple meditation techniques that can help you do this that cost you nothing, yet the benefits you can reap are immeasurable and priceless.

You could pay thousands to go to a specialist meditation retreat, but ultimately it’s still the same process with the same benefits, whether you’re doing it in your front room to the sound of some ambient music, or in an ashram in the Himalayas.

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